The B&B Domus the Janas is situated into the heart of the old town centre of Sedini, a little and nice village of 1500 inhabitants, collocated at 350 meters above sea level and far just a few kilometers from the coast of Valledoria and the medieval village of Castelsardo. Sedini is well connected with the most famous seaside resorts of the North Sardinia, reachable in a few time thanks to the big street recently built. The beach of San Pietro a mare is far just 10 minutes by car and it is also connected to Sedini by the handy shuttle service, managed by the municipality. The B&B Domus the Janas is nestled in a hill landscape, characterized by the presence of a lot of natural caves, which were probably populated by the first inhabitants of Sedini. Its old town centre is unique, because of its narrow streets, staircases, underpasses and the beautiful houses built in the rock. Its countryside is full of natural and landscape resources, like the valley of the Silanus river, a real natural oasis, beautify by many sources and a large variety of plants and animals; or the extraordinary view of the Asinara Gulf and the near Corsica, enjoyable by the plateau of Littigheddu or Saraghinu. The natural and cultural hermitage of the area, originally named Anglona, is characterized by a lot of old mills and rural churches, like San Pancrazio, Santa Barbara and San Giacomo but the real symbols of the village of Sedini are: the Rocca, a Domus De Janas (originally knowed as the house of fairies or witches) situated into the old town centre, with its ethnographic museum and a prehistoric grave of the IV and III centuries BC; and the Church of Sant’Andrea, patron saint of the village, erected in the sixteenth century AC. The Church houses the copy of the Trasfigurazione di Raffaello, dated 1597 and depicted by Andrea Lussu.